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The Acoustiholics are a fun and entertaining acoustic duo that is perfect for any occasion that calls for music, from the classics to today's current hits!

From your local bar or festival, to your living room, backyard or Banquet Hall, The Acoustiholics are perfect for anyone who enjoys live music! From a cocktail hour, a night at your local bar to a house party that lasts all night, a solo, duo, trio and even quartet, we are your answer for live entertainment! We truly enjoy performing songs that everyone relates to, the songs they grew up to, to songs they dance to, and the songs they love to sing along to! Our biggest compliments come fr0m anyone, young and old, who sings, dances, or just taps their foot along with us! From Rock to Reggae, the 60's to today's current hits, The Acoustiholics have got you covered!

For over twenty years Len and John have been entertaining in and around Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. At hundreds of local bars and festivals, banquet halls and house parties, we listened and learned from thousands of people who enjoyed the music we've performed. In bands like Backstage Pass and Alter Ego, Person to Person and Epic, we learned not only the importance of professionalism, but how to entertain an audience from 50 to over 5000!

Upcoming Shows:

May 5

Potter's Place

29 W Jefferson

Naperville, IL

May 10


431 W Boughton

Bolingbrook, IL

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