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Black Diamond

Black Diamond is the ultimate tribute to the greatest Hard Rock and Hair Metal songs ever written. This band performs only Diamond selling radio hits from Rock icons like Aerosmith, Boston, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses and Journey, just to name a few. 

Black Diamond will put on an electrifying show for your event where the audience will Rock, Dance, Bang their head and Sing along, all night long. You know every song and you remember every word. Performing: The Finest Rock on Earth, Don’t miss Chicago’s own Black Diamond

The members of Black Diamond have shared the stage with some of the biggest name in the industry fro Enough Z Nuff, Black Sabbath, WASP to Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  Seeing one Black Diamond show will keep you searching for the next chance to see them!

Visit Black Diamond: Black Diamond

Booking: Alliance Music Entertainment:

Upcoming Shows:

TBA: Please check soon.

Meet Black Diamond:

   Kyle Michaels - Lead Singer 
   Matt Rek  -
Lead Guitar
   Scott Couch - Drums

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