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Modern Day Romeos is the quintessential party band. Based out of Chicago's Northwest Suburbs, all five members have come from different backgrounds to create a brand new band, with a brand new style. Modern Day Romeos will provide you with a high energy show, and take you on a musical journey...playing past and present hits with that strong backbeat you just can't miss. Many say they sound better than the originals. They continue to play before impressive crowds at each venue.


Visit Modern Day Romeos:

Upcoming Shows

May 26 7:00

Wood Dale Concert

Wood Dale, IL

May 27 8:30

Blarney Island

Antioch, IL


Meet Modern Day Romeos:

  • Jim Wojdyla – Vocals

  • Steve Gill – Electric Guitar/Vocals

  • Justin Wojdyla – Acoustic Guitar/Vocals/And Everything Else

  • Chris Perfect – Bass Guitar/Vocals

  • Mike Zaitz - Drums

  • Jordan Engelhardt - Keyboard / Vocals

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