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Moon Money

Moon Money jumps out at you from the days of garage and grunge bringing you the biggest hits of the 90’s.  But don’t be fooled they are way too talented to stay in one era or one genre!   There eclectic stage performance brings the power of brilliant musicians and a wide range of vocals to help capture the biggest hits of the last 20 years with the occasional classic rock song added to the Moon Money show!

Moon Money’s high energy show will grab you from the moment they hit the stage and keep you partying and rockin’ throughout the night leaving you a bit horse in the morning from singing along at the top of your lungs!  Moon Money puts on a rock show that is second to none and is the quintessential night of what a rock show should be!


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Meet Moon Money

Jonathan Jansky - Lead Vocals
Dustin Manislovich - Guitar/Vocals
Tom Hammerl - Bass/Vocals
Kory Sjoberg - Drums

Upcoming Shows

May 11

Pizzeria DeVille

Libertyville, IL

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