Rebel Reign

Rebel Reign at the Wisconsin-Illinois state line, this cover band formed in April of 2014.  Original founders Dillon, Kick, Katie & Tesa knew they had something special after just one jam session. The hunt was on to find a guitar player to fit this energetic group. Why settle for just one when you can have two?  Newcomers Ned and Starky were star-crossed guitarists who always wanted to play together but never had the opportunity... until now.  These two firecrackers round out this saucy sixsome.
Although Rebel Reign is still in its infant stages, these band members have rocked the stages of SummerFest, Austin's and Blarney Island, to name a few...
Katie and Tesa bring girl power as fronts of this cover band.  Whether putting an edge on pop hits from Adele or keeping true to rock masters such as Queen and Zeppelin, this dynamic duo can cover anything and everything. 
Ned and Starky shred their axes with the best of 'em, trading off lead and rhythm.  Keep your eye on these two as they entice your eyes and ears!
Holding down the fort... with killer grooves is Kick on bass (watch for his rock star jumps!)  and Dillon thrashing on the skins. These two are masters of rhythm (insert dirty joke here) and will have you getting in the groove all day and night.   





Upcoming Shows

May 8

Blue Chip Casino

Michigan City, IN

Meet Rebel Reign