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RockBoxx is a Chicago-based cover band with one goal in life: Rock and Roll!!


RockBoxx plays anything from Ted Nugent to Tommy Tutone, from the Cure to the Cult, from the Romantics to the Ramones, from the Foo Fighters to, well you get the idea. They are one of the highest energy bands in Chicago and the surrounding ‘burbs. RockBoxx has a simple formula: to play songs you love to hear and songs they love to play. Why? Because they have discovered that energy is contagious and the more they rock out, the more you will, too!! So, whether it is from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or today you are in for a high powered, high energy show that will keep you talking about RockBoxx for days and looking forward to their next show!!! If you are a music fan, you will love eclectic sound and performance of RockBoxx.


Check them out one night, and you'll see what we mean!



Upcoming Shows

TBA: Please check back soon




Meet RockBoxx:

  • Jamie - Bass/Vocals

  • Ben - Lead Guitar/Vocals

  • Randy - Drums/Percussion/Vocals

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