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Not too long ago in a little town called Palatine, two brothers were in search of a drummer. In a last-ditch effort, they went on craigslist and placed an ad “Drummer Needed”. In the big city Chicago, there was a drummer in search of a band needing a drummer. Not afraid of criticism, one of the prerequisites, he answered the ad. My heart is black, and my lips are cold. Ready to jam as Blue Oyster Cult was a band influence listed. A correspondence was in order and a rehearsal date was set October 23, 2014 Thursday. Well now as a band and sometime later July 17, 2015 somewhere in a small town called Naperville, Wayback made history and rocked and rolled. So, embrace the sounds of Andy, Rich and Nic as they take you on that rock-n-roll stroll. Be one with the Band. Thank you for your patronage.



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